Every couple I shoot in Prague is unique. Each has its own special love and this love story. Love story in Prague, like wedding walks in Prague, I always shoot with interest and great pleasure. I get to know new people with interest, I pass them not only through my lens, but also through my personal conscious mechanism, their relationships and mood. I am happy to communicate with the guys, I am creative in displaying their genuine feelings and emotions.

Meet Andrey + Nastya!

Nastya and Andrei came to Prague from Belarus, just like myself in my time. The guys are bright and open to everything new and interesting, and of course young and beautiful, trust between us has developed, I think, from the first shots. No unnecessary questions or doubts, to my suggestions and requests "where the arm, leg, look". Yes, they themselves intuitively knew that unnecessary restraint and pretense to photographs was useless, and therefore these 2 hours of love story they just were themselves.


Spring in Prague is extraordinary! Magnolias in Prague are the first to bloom, then cherry blossoms are picked up, buds bloom on the trees - and now the pink complements the green. The sun shines almost constantly, and the sky brings its blue colors. The beauty is so incredible that it is better not to talk about it, but to look at it


Love story photo session in Prague in spring is a real riot of colors and colors in your pictures! I recommend such shooting for all couples who want to see the atmosphere of romance, sincerity and tenderness in their pictures. For the shooting, I chose Wallenstein Garden and Voyanov Gardens in Prague.

Wallenstein Gardens and Vojanovs Gardens in Prague are located in Malá Strana. The gardens are located literally a 5-minute walk from each other, so a photo session in both is possible without any problems. Peacocks roam in both gardens, but there are many more of them in the Vojan Gardens in Prague. The sounds of screaming peacocks fill the entire garden, peacocks spread their tails, let people get close enough to them. And to be honest, it was in the Voian Gardens in Prague that I first saw these birds sitting on the branches of a large tree, climbing high enough like pigeons. In general, look!


In the Vojan Gardens in Prague there are also fruit trees, which at the end of April are already in full bloom in white. I just could not pass by this beauty, to meet spring means to meet spring with might and main! The openwork patterns of the shadows from the trees, which the sun painted on Andrei and Nastya, turned out to be simply amazing!


I wish all lovers the same bright, tender and love-filled photos. 

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