A wedding in Prague is ...

he capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is an amazing place to host a wedding and wedding photo shoot. At present, Prague is becoming more and more popular for wedding photo sessions for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. After all, Prague is associated with a fairy tale: castles, medieval buildings and red roofs, royal gardens in Prague.

In general, here you can find the most beautiful places not only for a wedding photo shoot, but also for registering relationships. The most common wedding venues in Prague:

1) Clementium Palace, which is located in the center of Prague, near the Old Town Square


2) Wallenstein Gardens, located between Prague Castle and Malostranská

3) Old Town Hall, located next to the Astronomical Clock and the main square

4) Municipal Palace

5) Troy Castle

And this is just a small list of places where you can hold a wedding ceremony! Prague is very rich in sights, as well as non-touristy beautiful places: back streets and streets, hills with beautiful Prague panoramas, bridges. In a word, there is no limit to creativity here, and it is easy to compose a route for a photo session. Therefore, a wedding photographer in Prague is not just a professional photographer, but also a guide to the Czech Republic.

However, the main task of the photographer is not to lose the essence of the wedding celebration behind all these beauties of Prague. After all, the main persons at the wedding are the bride and groom! Therefore, for me the most important task remains unchanged - to catch the emotions of love, joy and excitement on the faces of lovers! I also try to stick to the rule of communicating with young people before the wedding and discussing the plan for the wedding day and the upcoming photo session.

I really like couples who don't want to be photographed for a long time. Who prefer this to spend more time with family and friends and finally relax at their wedding and relax! And this, I think, is correct. After all, a wedding walk does not need too much time, an hour and a half is enough. Therefore, I will allow myself to give advice - to be with family and friends, because we do not see each other so often, and for sure some of them have come from far away to share with you the joy of the wedding celebration, your joy.

And how to make it look beautiful in the photos, so that looking at them then you will remember this day again every time - entrust it to me))