Holidays in Croatia, we go from Prague

Our trip to Croatia with my husband started from Prague. The path passed through Austria and Slovenia. We left Prague at 13 o'clock in the afternoon, so during the day you could admire the beauty of the Alps in Austria on the way and enjoy the smoothness and quality of European roads. Already at 6 am we arrived at the place and our coordinator took us to the apartment in Omis.

The incredible beauty of the landscapes of the Adriatic coast immediately opened up to the eyes and the mood was on top!

Not having slept on the bus at night, I was afraid to go to bed after seeing all this beauty, as there was a feeling that I would miss something very important if I fell asleep. And yet, having slept for 2 hours, we got to the beach at 12 o'clock. By the way, our apartments were located on the first line, and after going down the stairs from the terrace, we were already on the beach.

The Adriatic Sea surprises with its purity, the water is clear and floating fish are visible. The air is fresh and it is a pleasure to breathe. The weather was also pleasing, all the rest the sun was shining and the sky was clear and without clouds. This was my first sea trip!

If you decide to go to the sea for a family and with children, then Croatia is a great option! Around a lot of families with children and for children there is all possible entertainment, from football and attractions to water polo.

In Omis and its restaurants, pizza and grilled fish are offered everywhere on the menu, the prices are quite affordable. And we did a grill on our terrace, it's unforgettable.

We could not see the sunrise, as a huge rock prevented the sun from appearing on our side earlier than 8 am. And only when the sun rose, so high that it was above this cliff, our entire beach was warmed by the sun's rays.

It's too much to write about sea sunsets, it's better to see them!)))

I wish everyone to relax at the sea more often, to feel the salt in their hair and skin, bask in the sun on the beach and just enjoy life!)))