How to prepare for a photo shoot in Prague

A photo session in Prague is an interesting, exciting creative process. I keep repeating that at least two people always work on the shooting: the photographer and his model. This means that the result of the entire shooting depends to a very large extent on how you prepare for the photo session. So, when preparing for a photo shoot, pay attention to the main points:

  • Makeup.
  • Clothes and footwear.
  • Poses and angles.
  • Mood.
  • Obligation.


1. Makeup for a photo shoot in Prague

Modern professional digital cameras make it possible to capture the smallest details in the picture. And this means that the slightest irregularities and defects of the skin will become noticeable. Therefore, the issue of makeup in Prague should be taken seriously. Of course, you can always hope for the subsequent processing of photos in a graphics editor (for example, in Photoshop), but firstly, professional processing of each image is quite expensive (it takes at least 40 minutes to process one photo of high quality), and secondly, as a result of a typical photo sessions usually take from 100 to 250 shots, and among them there can be a lot of successful ones. In order not to spoil the subsequent impression by the impossibility of showing friends not 5-10, but 50-100 photos in Prague due to a pimple that suddenly jumped up and not to run into additional costs for retouching, it is better to use the services of a professional make-up artist in Prague - in the end it will result in savings budget.

If you decide to cope with makeup on your own or with the help of a friend, then follow the tips:

When doing makeup for a photo shoot in Prague, use foundation or powder to smooth out irregularities and hide the shine of the face. Unfortunately, matting wipes, which have a "magical" effect, are not effective enough in a photo studio - the oily sheen returns quickly. Use only foundation or powder that matches your neck and shoulders. Pay special attention to the skin around the eyes - no one needs "bruises" under the eyes in finished photographs. In the fight against them, a correcting pencil, powder, and a full nine hours of sleep the night before shooting will help.
For the lips, I advise you to use a stable lipstick or gloss - as practice shows, in conditions of photography, lipstick is "eaten up" amazingly quickly.
For the rest, the already familiar products from the cosmetic bag will suit you. By the way, about the cosmetic bag: if you do your makeup before you come to the photo studio, be sure to take all the materials you used with you - it is often necessary to correct the makeup during the shooting.

2. Selection of clothes and accessories for a photo shoot in Prague

Here the choice depends on the idea and the image.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • It is better to choose clothes from a summer wardrobe.
  • Do not take clothes with a pattern in a small cage or strip, the photo will show stains.
  • Clothes that are tight in the chest visually reduce the chest.
  • Any tight things hinder movement, especially skirts.
  • The belt accentuates the waist in style.
  • Do not take tight-fitting panties, they break the smoothness of the thigh line.
  • The color of the clothes should be solid and bright. Clothes with a blurry pattern are also suitable.
  • Eliminate colorful clothes, they strongly distract attention from the model.
  • Take shoes with the highest and thinnest heels.
  • Choose the thinnest stockings and tights, three basic colors - beige, black and white.
  • Gloves, scarves, umbrellas, hats, etc. - all this can be very useful.

3. Poses and angles for a photo shoot in Prague

I try to give the model the freedom to choose poses. This kind of creativity has practical sense. Of course, I see you from the outside, and experience allows me to suggest a winning position for you. But the model's passivity greatly reduces the creative potential of the shooting and, as a result, its quality. In addition, I do not know all the capabilities of your body, and will certainly offer "average" options. Photography is much more interesting when the model suggests a pose, and the photographer suggests how to enhance it, develop it. Before a photo shoot in Prague, browse magazines and websites on the Internet, study common postures, be sure to practice taking them in front of a mirror.

Try to come up with your author's pose: first, put your legs out - fix them, then work with the turn of the hips - fix, then look for the best option for turning the body, neck and arms, and in the end - play with the angle of the face and emotions. Follow the rule that the higher a part of the body is, the more opportunities it gives to develop a pose. Unfortunately, such an exercise will only allow you to practice in the adoption of static poses - you simply will not have time to evaluate the poses in motion.

Pay special attention to your eyes. The eyes are the most important part of the shot, and the success of a photo shoot is directly related to how you manage your eyes. Experiment with the manifestation of emotions: smile, joy, laughter, pain, anger - this is not a complete list of what a person is able to express with just his eyes. Experiment and do not be afraid to seem ugly - the monotony is much more "terrible".

4. Mood

Usually, clients come to a photo session in Prague in high spirits, and rightly so. As I wrote above, the eyes are the most important detail in the photo. And the eyes, as you know, are the mirror of the soul, and everything that is happening in your soul will certainly appear in the photographs. Therefore, all negative emotions should be left outside the studio doors, and if you are tormented by an acute toothache, it is generally better to postpone the shooting to another day.

In no case should you come to a photo session chronically without getting enough sleep. Not only will the lack of sleep negatively affect your mood and coordination of movements, but also your eyes will be red. And make-up artists have not yet learned how to mask inflamed blood vessels on the whites of the eyes.

You should not drink alcohol, especially beer, on the eve of the shooting. In addition to the same problems that occur with lack of sleep, your face may swell.

5. Obligation

Even if you paid for a photo session in advance, always warn in advance if for some reason you cannot come. If you are late on the way, keep your phone on.

Instead of an afterword

Do not be afraid of the photographer, do not hesitate and improvise - and you will definitely get unusual and high-quality photos!