Places for a wedding photo shoot in Prague.

Magical and fairytale Prague with its bohemian charm is a great place for photo shoots.

1. Vrtba gardens

The Baroque Vrtba gardens are among the most famous and beautiful in Europe. Compared to other famous places in Prague, there are very few tourists. Here you can find everything from blooming roses to a beautiful panorama of the whole of Prague. The company Casus Direct Mail a.s., which has been managing and operating the Vrtba Garden since 1999, in cooperation with the Civil Registry Office of the Municipality of the City of Prague 1, provides the possibility of holding wedding ceremonies in the territory of the Vrtba Garden and in the premises of the Vrtba Palace.

2. St. Vitus Cathedral and surroundings

St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most magnificent and beautiful Gothic churches in Europe. The Cathedral of St. Vitus can be seen from any part of Prague in front of him all the other Gothic sights of the Czech Republic fade because this cathedral is unique and inimitable. It has no analogues throughout the world, primarily in its history. The construction of the cathedral began in 1344 and was completed only at the beginning of the 20th century.

3. Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock

Like St. Vitus Cathedral, the Astronomical Clock is also the main symbol of Prague. It is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest that still works.

The real heart of Prague beats on the Old Town Square. It is here that the winding streets of the Old Town flock, creating the most beautiful Prague square. The elegant town hall with the world famous astronomical clock, the proud silhouette of the fabulous Tyn Church, the monumental church of St. Mikulas and countless colorful houses of many styles give this place an unforgettable touch that captivates anyone who decides to succumb to its charm.

4. Castle Hluboka nad Vltavou

I guarantee you that this castle will definitely not leave you indifferent! You will definitely fall in love with him! Having visited it, you will begin to understand the expressions "look with your mouth open" and "freeze with delight." The first impression is that the sophisticated princess is wearing her best white outfit! The castle is also called the snow-white pearl of South Bohemia.

5. Letenskaya Upland

From here, from the Letna park of the same name, a magnificent panoramic view of the entire historical center of Prague opens up. Since ancient times, the park has served as a place of crowded festivities. Not far from the castle there are 4 excellent restaurants suitable for holding a wedding banquet. Attractions in the park include the New Baroque Hanava Pavilion, a metronome, and the oldest carousel in Europe. In addition, the park is very sunny - the word “Lethen” itself means “well-lit place”. The garden terraces are connected by stairs.

6. Wallenstein Palace

Wallenstein Palace is the largest palace and park complex in Prague. The palace park is very beautiful and calm. Scattered throughout the territory are bronze sculptures, which are only copies of the originals that were taken away by the Swedes and now adorn Stockholm's Drottningholm Park. The sculptures reflect Greek mythology. There are many fountains in which huge colored carps swim, and almost tame peacocks, among which there are albinos, freely walk along the lawns and paths.

7. Charles Bridge. Vltava embankment, at the Charles Bridge.

A photo session on the Charles Bridge is simply a must have for a photographer. But to take really good photos, you need to go to the bridge very early, as soon as dawn comes. At this time, there are still no crowds of tourists and you can safely create unique photographs.

The Vltava embankment is one of the most romantic places in Prague. There are almost always swans here, which will add a special charm to your photos. Charles Bridge is clearly visible from the embankment, which will become a special background for pictures.

8. Bridge over the Chertovka canal

A very cozy and beautiful place. Photos of the river taken from this bridge look especially "Prague-style".

Kampa Island is a quiet part of Prague. There are picturesque houses and a mill still functioning. Here you will find Lennon's wall. The Lennon Wall is a regular wall in Prague, but it was painted with graffiti in memory of the singer. The Čertovka Canal, together with the surrounding houses, is one of the most beautiful places in Prague. It is an artificial canal that separates Kampa Island from Mala Strana. Houses along Čertovka stand right on the river bank and gave the name Prague Venice.

9. Queen Anne's Summer Palace

The summer palace of Queen Anne was built in the style of the Italian Renaissance and with a roof of green tiles resembles a precious box. It is the main attraction of the Royal Garden at the Prague Castle.

10. Pruhonice Castle

Pruhonice Castle is an amazing castle located in the district of the same name, just 30 minutes from Prague.
The castle is located in a place that strikes with its extraordinary beauty. The park is a whole botanical garden, extremely rich in unique collections of the most beautiful plants. One and a half thousand trees and several hundred thousand flowers, stunningly decorated on an incredibly large territory, make the Pruhonice area one of the most beautiful and famous parks in the world. Indeed, every day hundreds of tourists come here who are interested in the beautiful flora of the park and the wonderful architecture of the castle.