Why am I not giving away the source photos?

In fact, such a question to a photographer most often arises when there is a misunderstanding of the word SOURCE. So let's figure it out ...


RAW format

It is in this format that photographers shoot. Yes, not in JPEG at all! The RAW format in photography can be compared to the dough from which a baker bakes his pies, or maybe buns, or maybe even croissants. In a nutshell, RAW files are unprocessed, raw files, or digital negatives. When a photographer starts processing such files, applying his skills and talent (creative vision of the picture), then we can safely talk about the author's design and the style of the photographer.


Author's design and style of the photographer

As a matter of fact, this is exactly what you probably first of all pay attention to when choosing a photographer. How bright / dull are his pictures, what are the colors in his pictures (pleasant or poisonous, real or fantastic), what is the detail, what is with exposure, contrast and many, many other aspects. When choosing a photographer, expect that the result you are buying will be made in the style of a particular photographer.


Graphic editor

It is impossible not to undo the fact that, unlike JPEG files, RAW files cannot be opened by any program, for this there are special graphic editors. In addition, you cannot use the Raw file directly for printing. The RAW file must be converted to JPEG for transferring the finished result to the customer.


"Yes, I can handle a little." Copyright.

Photos are copyrighted by the photographer. By purchasing photographs you are acquiring a product of the photographer's labor, but in no way the right to photographs. The other side of the medal is the photographs you processed, and under them the signed name of the photographer. At best, you know how to process and you did well, but this story is not at all about the authorship of the photographer and his style. And in the worst case, the sources you hastily processed will start walking around the network ...


About trust

Trust in a photographer is basically how familiar you are with him, with his work and with his taste. If you trust your photographer, it means that you know for sure that a photo where you are very beautiful, in a winning pose, with a stunning look will never end up in the basket, but will show off in a photo frame or photo album. And the basket will contain pictures that are defective from a technical point of view, unsuccessful (facial expressions, closed eyes, etc.), repetitive. I choose my RAWe shots very carefully so that you are happy with the result!)


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