Why don't I take 2-3 photos in 10 minutes and $ 10?

I would like to start my article on this topic by reminding both myself and you that photography is creativity.

Pleasure. Creativity.

I started doing photography only because I get pleasure from it, both from the process of shooting and communication with the model, as well as from post-processing and from your kind feedback.

If you perceive a photographer as a person with an expensive camera in his hand, who presses the shutter button a couple of times, and the masterpiece is ready, then perhaps I am not a photographer at all. There is no pleasure or creativity here. Fortunately, I am completely uninterested in shooting without an idea, without an image, without emotions, without feelings. And in 10 minutes it is hardly possible to work out the image well, to reveal the emotions of a person and catch the very one. By the way, most models with no experience just need 15-20 minutes just to get used to the camera.

Knowledge and resources spent on it.

Whatever one may say, no matter how long the photographing was, a person who has professional knowledge of how to shoot correctly, from what angle and what composition to create a frame, at least acquired this knowledge. I paid for them or mastered them on my own, but in any case I spent time and financial resources. Taking pictures, possessing them and not using them, is as unrealistic as it is unrealistic to forget how to ride a bike if you already know how. Therefore, turning to a professional, it is better to immediately understand why he does not agree to shoot you on the same terms as a friend or acquaintance is ready.

In photography, a photographer, as well as in any other field, a specialist seeks to improve his knowledge, learn something new, attend interesting seminars and master classes in order to create an improved, better quality product for you. You don't think you can do it for free, do you?

Professional photographic equipment.

On this topic, I can say very briefly - professional photographic equipment is expensive! And the photographer needs to pay for it and maintain it in good condition.

Internet promotion.

It's no secret that the current time is the time of the information boom, the time of the Internet and advertising. A photographer for whom photography is a job / business will and should be engaged in his website, promotion and advertising on social networks. And this is again financial and time resources.

TFP Terms.

Do I rent for free for sharing experiences? Yes! But rarely, and only when I have an idea that I want to try to implement, an idea that will give new life to my portfolio.
Preparing for shooting. Time and post-processing.
Even if, you only need 2-3 pictures and you wrote to me about it ... Then:
- I still automatically start thinking about the image and location, we at least discuss this with you, agree and call up.
- I still have to prepare my photographic equipment, remove excess material on memory cards, charge and pack.
- At least I have to pack myself and spend an hour and a half on the road to you, rushing through the whole city;
- In order to catch those very spooky 2-3 frames, I assure you that you will have to snap at least 50.

- Well, then we start post-processing, review, select. Hurray! They took away! Well, now we are doing high-quality portrait retouching (removing pimples, defects, smoothing skin tone, making eyes brighter, teeth whiter, and so on), this is about 15-20 minutes per shot.
I will summarize all of the above. I will be happy to be your photographer if you are happy to give me the opportunity to work professionally and with pleasure. Thank!)