Features of a family photo shoot in Prague

We all, of course, love our family, which means we probably want to capture it in the best moments of our lives. Family gatherings, family outings, family travel - all of these can be a reason to turn to a professional photographer. A quality family photo taken by a photographer can become one of the family values ​​and even after many years give joy. A self-made family photo has a significant drawback - it is the absence of one family member in the frame, the one who is holding the camera at that moment. And of course, a lot depends on the ability to handle the camera.


How to properly prepare for a photo shoot?


So what do you need to consider before going on a family photo shoot? The most important thing I would like to point out is to be in a good mood and behave naturally and sincerely. Don't be afraid to laugh, fool around, joke, hug each other. Create an atmosphere of family warmth!

Pay sufficient attention to the selection of clothing for all family members. The most important thing here is that the clothes are matched to each other in color and style, and also correspond to the place in which the photo session takes place. The other side of the coin - do not take 2 suitcases of outfits for shooting, too many images, often hurts the mood of small models. Another mistake that I also had to face is that some parents make their children smile for the camera. Please think beforehand about how you can entertain the children while shooting. These can be soap bubbles, games, balls, sweets, for example. Thus, the process of photographing will not be associated with coercion in children, but will be associated with an exciting pastime.


Now let's talk a little about ideas for a family photo shoot. In fact, there can be a great variety of ideas! This is a photo session with animals, and a photo session in parks or playgrounds, a photo session on farms or in dog kennels, a walking photo session in the city or a studio photo session with a bright festive interior. Together with families who want to have a family photo session, we come up with and bring into reality something special just for them.


How do I photograph and what is important to me? For several hours, which the photography lasts, I live one life with the heroes, being as if inside the shooting, I notice their emotions, beautiful and eternal. I mentally draw a frame and transfer my vision of beauty and harmony into it.