Фотограф в Чехии, Европе и СНГ

Hello World! I am Olya, a photographer in Prague and the Czech Republic, a wife and just a cheerful person.

And now I want to remind you that all the beautiful moments in life are fleeting:
- when you first look into the eyes of your loved one who has just become a husband;
- when you hug each other at a significant moment;
- when you say "yes" to each other and tie your destinies with family ties;
- when the baby first pushes the tummy;
- when your child first turns over, sit down, crawl;
- and many other moments ...
You will never forget such moments, but sometimes it is difficult to remember them in detail.
Contact me, because you (I know for sure) believe as I do that photography is valuable. She can add depth and meaning to life. Not only today, but years later.
You would not want such photographs to be captured by a person who simply "takes the pictures." You want to see the present in all its glory, to capture all your beauty and happiness in this moment. Because tomorrow everything will be different.
One of the most important things that I can do for you is to awaken in you laughter, a smile, to help you see how love burns in your eyes and heart.
Through the prism of my passion for photography, through the lens of my camera, I am ready to show you as you are. You will have precious moments of your life that you can share with the whole world.






Contact me on WhatsApp / Viber +420 605551007