We are delighted with the photos!) Great work has been done! Before shooting, my husband and I were not in the mood ... But you were able to defuse the situation! :) And the mood lifted over time) As a result, now I see wonderful shots where we are happy and are in harmony with each other))) Thank you very much!!! It is beyond words how much effort and time you have invested in your work. These photos from Prague will warm the soul in the cold winter and remind of this wonderful city and the time spent there!

Alexander and Marina

My husband and I are very happy that we have chosen Olga as our wedding photographer! The photo session was in October, but the photos turned out to be very warm and bright, my husband and I are really happy in them. I especially liked the shooting in the Vrbov Garden, from there a gorgeous view of Prague opens and the garden itself amazed us with its beauty. Thank you very much Olga for telling us in such detail about the locations offered to us! Separately, I would like to note how easy it is to communicate with Olga, I never thought that a photo session with a professional photographer could be so easy and positive! In a word, we are delighted, thank you very much, Olya!


Vyacheslav and Anastasia

I would like to say a huge thank you to Olga for the professional approach and original solutions for our wedding photo session. We are not at all fond of taking pictures, but with Olga everything worked out like clockwork. All our wishes and preferences were taken into account, the results were obtained in a fairly short time. We are very happy! The photos turned out to be very lively, rich and delicate. It seems that you will never get tired of reviewing them. We will recommend Olga to our friends.


Yakub and Alexandra


We were in Prague on a honeymoon trip and ordered a photo session for two as a keepsake. We liked Olga very much: she is a real professional and a good person. Filming was a breeze, very fun and easy. We enjoyed the shooting itself and are very pleased with the result. The photos turned out to be amazing: bright, warm, with successfully captured emotions in the frame! My husband and I are delighted !!! Thank you very much! We are very glad that we turned to you! We wish you continued success in your work!


Roman and Irina


An amazing shooting experience! Many thanks to Olya for her professionalism. Usually, after a photo session, a maximum of 5-10 favorite pictures remain, but here! Just a bomb! There are more than 20 of them and they are all different in their own way, special, bright, diverse. You can now upload photos on social networks for more than 2 months. Just delight in the very process of shooting, the selected locations and the quality of work! We are very pleased, thank you very much, Olya. :


Kristina and Sasha


Good evening, Olya! Thank you very much! I liked the photos very much, especially the delicate photos with the children turned out gorgeous! The photo of the boys on the stairs is also now one of my favorites. Thank you so much for the ideas, the atmosphere and the wonderful memories!

Maria and her family


Dear Olga! It was an incredible pleasure and joy to work with you, you are a real wizard and master of your craft! Time flies by with you, and the photos that come out as a result warm the heart and soul for a long time after the shooting was carried out! Thank you for the incredible emotions, for the warmth, for taking care of your "models" and the subtle feeling that people are really comfortable being in the frame. We sincerely wish you more creative success and inspiration! With thanks,


Anya and Sebastian


Prague is a fabulous city !!! And also this wonderful photo session !!! Olga, thank you very much! I got a lot of pleasure and impressions. Photos are super! I'm like a cover ...) It was an amazing experience. Photos are beautiful. I'm super lucky to hit you right away. You organized everything so well. It's very easy and free with you, in vain I was so worried. Before the photo session, I got lost, I had a flux, but even that could not stop us) I really enjoyed communicating with you, I hope that in the future I will have a chance to meet again ...))) Thank you very much for your work !!!



Olya, we are completely delighted with these photos [?] You are an amazing photographer, a master of your craft, definitely) it was very easy and pleasant to communicate with you, so the whole process of creating a photo flew by in one breath [?]
You can endlessly review, come back to this day again and again [?] And for that we are very grateful! Thank you and success in your future work [☺


Andrey and Anastasia

Thank you very much, Olya!
The photos turned out as we wanted: live shooting, city center, summer!)

And the shooting was easy and relaxed, we were very pleased!)


Yasha and Vladlena

Olya, we are very grateful to you for the photo! We really liked all the photos, we look at them - and we are very happy! Thank you for becoming our photographer!


Alexander and Ekaterina


Olya, Vanya and I want to thank you for the photo! Thanks for the bright, wonderful pictures! Our delight is beyond words, they show our feelings and emotions, they are alive! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Ivan and Olesya


Olya, the photos are very cool! The work is just wonderful, we are impressed !!! Thank you very much!


Leonid and Olga

Olga, wonderful photos turned out, you are smart and professional, I am delighted, very glad that I chose you :) And the photo with ivy is just a bomb! I will recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances :) And thank you very much for the wonderful photos!


Artem and Elvira

Olga, looked at the photo - emotions are just over the edge! Thank you very much! The photos are very beautiful, the moments are chosen so with soul, so tenderness there, in general, I really liked all the photos, thank you again!




Olya you are a great fellow! You exceeded our expectations! Very, very cool photos, wah))) I look at the photos all day and admire! Thank you very much !!!


Евгений и Ирина

Hi, Olya! Pavel and I looked at the photo today - and both are delighted!) Pavel asked to convey a special thanks! We liked working with you, we liked your idea, the shooting process and of course the result. Thank!!!


Pavel and Nadezhda


Thank you for the cool photos, you are a talented person and photographer!) We are very happy, I want more !!! You have a very interesting approach, and we seem to have found our photographer!)

Constantine and Olga


Photography keeps the most precious moments of our life, which will never be repeated. These moments are gradually distorted in our memory, and often erased without a trace. But photography can capture and capture them forever.



Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographer