Another wonderful love story in Prague. This is Anya and Sebastian. Anya is from Russia and Sebastian is from Germany. France introduced them, and Prague introduced me to them. They decided to hold the photo session in a wonderful place - in the Divoka Sharka ?? Natural Park. It is unforgivable not to write about this place separately. The name of the park matches its wild beauty! There are rocks, ponds, mysterious gorges, wide green meadows, age-old trees - and all this beauty, imagine, is within the city! Prague residents often come here to enjoy nature or, for example, fly a kite, but at the same time the place is not crowded.

Communication is an integral part of a photo shoot, and I love it very much. Here you will communicate with such positive, elated guys - as if a defibrillator to your heart. And the most important and cool thing is to receive the guys' gratitude for a wonderful shooting evening the very next day after the photo session!

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