FAQ/ Question - answer


What does your service include?

My services include: consultation on all shooting issues (image, shooting time, location, posture), the shooting itself, post-processing of all photos, transfer of the finished material to the customer.


How much does a photo session cost?


The price of a photo session depends on what kind of photo session you need (wedding, family, couples or individual), how long and in what place. Please use the contact form on the website to clarify the cost specifically for you or just call!


How can I book a date for shooting?

Currently, prepayment is NOT required for booking dates. I trust you! I trust that you will not disappear in a couple of days or on the day of shooting, but warn in advance if anything happens.) Therefore, to book a date, you just need to verbally agree with me, tell me your name, date and phone number.


How long will it take for finished photos?


I usually give the photos to the customer within one month. But with a large amount of work, the deadlines can be at most two months.


How many processed images will I receive?


It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. Since the number of photos depends on some facts: on your mood and active participation in the photo session, on weather conditions, on the duration of shooting. However, the average number of finished shots after 2 hours of shooting is 70-80 shots.


How can I pay you?


Since I do not take prepayment, you pay 100% of the cost of the photo session upon its completion on the day of shooting.


Do you have any discounts?


Yes, you can get a discount. In the event that you book the date in advance. And also from time to time I myself conduct promotions, about which information is displayed on the site.